Why have a Leader's Map Room?

How it all began

I was approached by a friend who had some significant leadership challenges opening up. He wanted a quick and easy way of understanding the confusing choices of different models of leadership and change management. Which one was right? Which ones were better? Do they work together? By treating these "models: as maps - broad pictures of the territory we lead ourselves and others through - I began to set out for you here the Leader's Map Room. I intend to add to this Map Room further maps over time, and as I do, the membership price will rise. However, purchase your membership now and you keep that low membership rate for life.

Map Room Sections

  • 1

    Core Maps Section

    • What is the Core Maps Section?

    • The Dynamic Tension Map

  • 2

    Leading Organisations Map Section

    • Lewin's Map

    • DREAM Model

    • Kotter's Map

    • Senge's Map

  • 3

    Leading Individuals Map Section

    • The Change Curve

    • TONIC: Anticipating Reactions to Change

  • 4

    Leading Teams Map Section

    • The Glasers' Map

  • 5

    Self-Leadership Maps Section

    • Acquiring a skill and making priorities