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Good influencing, good engagement, good persuasion: these all are counterintuitive to the way most people go about it:

The TELL-THINK-CHANGE sequence is rational, logical. But there is one problem: 

It rarely works! And yet we do it again and again and again.

If we take a different approach, this becomes much more effective. As we relate to others, as we reframe our thinking about how to influence others, as we repeated practice, we discover breakthrough. Our influence and favour grow. We have story after story of how people have used this approach effectively.

But how do we do this? This requires developing new ways of approaching people, learning new habits of how we relate to people. In our busy lives, we can intend to grow in these skills, but life just gets in the way. We need to practice, but how?

What other Practitioners are Saying:

by Natalia Homolova

Outstanding Training

by Natalia Homolova

The professional training delivered by Patrick was outstanding. A naturally charismatic leader! Years have passed and I still benefit from his coaching..."
David Tomlinson

Best Book on the Subject

David Tomlinson

The customer/supplier relationship suffers if both parties do not understand the potential for cultural differences to affect communication... For me, the best book on the subject is Practical People Engagement by Patrick Mayfield.
Catherine Ewart

Positive and Lasting Influence

Catherine Ewart

From my three-day workshop on Stakeholder Engagement: Thank you for a stimulating three days. I promise to put my new knowledge to work. I can say with confidence that you had a positive and lasting influence.
Jeroen Guertsen

A Must-Have Skill

Jeroen Guertsen

As Zest, we are a consultancy company. Patrick's "Stakeholder Engagement" training is mandatory for all our personnel - and they all love it... And yes, I am the trainer.
Daisey Benson

Revisiting this excellent book

Daisey Benson

... by my friend, Patrick Mayfield, as I embark on a new project.
John Edmonds FAPM

On Patrick's "Leading Yourself"

John Edmonds FAPM

There is so much I could comment on. I seem to be at the point in my life now when I have the increasing urge to ensure that I achieve all that I am able to and want to - the need to leave a legacy. That calls for self-leadership, the subject that Patrick addresses through this excellent book. There is so much in this work that I could comment on ... I like this book a lot, and I believe that it is incredibly helpful...

Course Content

Your Definitive Reference for Engaging Project Stakeholders

  • 1

    Introduction to Practical People Engagement online

    • Welcome to Practical People Engagement 2019
    • Getting the Best Value from this Course
    • Tour through PPE Online
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    The Right Mindset

    • Why Your Mindset Matters
    • The Traditional Mindset
    • A Better Mindset
    • The Value Ladder
    • Six Engagement Hats
    • Transform Your Thinking
    • The Right Mindset: A Summary
  • 3

    A Better Framework for Engagement

    • How do we do this 'People Thing'?
    • The Five-Step Pathway
    • Seven Principles
    • Seek First to Understand...
    • Themes That Run Through Engagement
    • The Power of Why
    • A Summary of the Engagement Framework
  • 4

    The Who Step: Knowing Your People Better

    • The Who Step
    • Team-Based Identification
    • Power and Interest
    • Meaningful Marketing
    • Five Ways People Respond
    • The Who Step: A Summary
  • 5

    The How Step: Shaping Your Whole Engagement

    • Lucy and the Chocolate Factory
    • Engaging through Others
    • The Transition Model
    • "You HAVE To Do This!"
    • DREAM and Targeting Positions
    • Collaborating Through a RACI-X Chart
    • What a Good Strategy Looks Like
    • The How Step: A Summary
  • 6

    The When Step: Your Engagement Plan

    • Timing is Everything
    • Preparing Your Story
    • A Bank of Pitches
    • Mature Messaging
  • 7

    The Engage! & Adapt Steps: Leaning to Action

    • Listen Up!
    • Can We Talk?
    • Dealing with the Difficult
    • An Ever-Improving Engagement

What this Course Gives You

This is not just an online course, but also a valuable reference resource to build a must-have skill in leading change.

  • An understanding of what it takes to involve people successfully in your projects, and what good engagement looks like

  • What tools and approaches to use in different contexts

  • How to engage better each time, for each project cycle, and from one project to the next

  • How to deal with conflict and difficult relationships

  • How to avoid unnecessary resistance to your changes

  • An ability to scale an engagement through others

  • Several checklists and reference documents you can download

  • Audio recordings of many videos, that build to an audio library to you can listen to on-the-go

Your Coach

Patrick Mayfield

Patrick Mayfield

I have been leading change through technology projects for over 40 years, through an astonishing revolution in information technology, like nothing we could have imagined when I started my career. Yet, I became fascinated by the human side of change. I saw it done badly - even at my own hands, and it made it a lot harder for everybody to move together with the desired change. In 2013, I wrote Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships. It was subsequently adopted by an international accrediting body as the core source for their qualification in Stakeholder Engagement. Since then, I have been working on this whole area. This course includes my latest thinking on the subject.